About Global Edge Consultants

About Global Edge Consultants

The Global Edge Consultants is a leading provider of job recruitment and related services to the oil and gas industry. Our company serves the unique recruitment needs for our business clientele within the highly competitive oil and gas industry. We specialize in screening qualified candidates for positions within various industries. This includes oil and gas, rail, infrastructure, government, and IT.

With confidential searches and a large pool of qualified candidates, your organization can ensure that you are benefitting from the top talent available in a global marketplace. Our friendly, compassionate approach to problem-solving is a key differentiating factor that keeps us at the top of this field. We work closely with each client to ensure that your specific needs are addressed through our highly personalized screening process.

About The Global Edge Consultants

Our company is committed to maintaining the highest standards for power and excellence. We innovate constantly to improve our ability to over-perform for our clients. We maintain a rigorous search for talent while improving our methodologies along the way. This is possible only through a rigorous internal system that incorporates diverse hiring practices consistent with our values as a woman-owned firm.

Our professional methods of recruiting were developed to produce reliable job candidates for demanding positions. This includes contracting and direct hiring through our established network of career professionals.

The Global Edge Consultants takes the guesswork out of hiring for your company. Our services play a large role in the revenue-generating capacity of businesses operating in the oil and gas industry. As global industry consultants, we are capable of adapting to the changing needs of an industry that is experiencing rapid changes within a volatile global marketplace.

We facilitate the ability of companies to adapt to these challenges while maintaining a readiness posture to respond to sudden changes in the global oil and gas market.

We work with a seasoned job recruiter with a range of applicable skills to meet the hiring needs of various positions within the oil and gas fields. As the premier firm in recruitment, we work as a valuable partner in tandem with your organizational goals. However, we also maintain a friendly and engaging internal culture, so you never have to feel like you are working with just another impersonal employment agency. We routinely handle large volume requirements as well as small business clients.

Our clientele includes multi-million dollar companies within the following industries:

• Rail
• Infrastructure
• Government
• IT
• Oil and gas

Saving Your Company Time

We are uniquely equipped to locate and recommend the most qualified job candidate for any competitive position. This includes a range of consulting services complete with confidential searches to assist your company in locating the ideal candidate match.

We provide the most comprehensive vetting process available to serve the needs of our industry partners. Finding the right job candidate for a position is a headache for many of our business partners, so we take the time deploying a seasoned job recruiter that can find the candidate match best suited to meet your needs.

We work carefully with our partners to ensure that each candidate meets the minimum threshold of qualifications for the position. This reduces the amount of time needed to sort through unqualified candidates’ portfolios.

For Job Candidates

The Global Edge Consultants offers a range of opportunities for qualified candidates who possess unique job skills. Our company is differentiated from our competition in this field through a number of factors that relate directly to our business model.

As a unique consulting firm, we are positioned to perform as a job recruiter of first resort. Selectivity and professionalism are the hallmark traits of our most successful job candidates.

As the industry adjusts to changes in the global demand for oil and natural gas, our services and goals also adjust accordingly. In this manner, we remain as a leading provider of qualified job candidates regardless of the ups and downs taken in the market.

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During periods of peak performance, we adjust our recruiting model to fill and retain employees in key positions of power and leadership. During the inevitable downturns, we work even harder at providing appropriate placement services for candidates who are looking for work in a shrinking industry. Because our business philosophy covers both periods of expansion and contraction, we can always provide value to our business partners and job-seeking candidate. We are constantly refining our recruiting craft to maintain the type of personal interaction that has become our trademark.

Removing the automatic, impersonal quality of this process is a key differentiating factor of our company. It leads us to remain at the top of this competitive market, and we have a solid track record of customer satisfaction as the most reliable firm to contact for consulting, recruiting, job placement, and job matching. To learn more about us and our global industry consultants, placement services, employment opportunities, or other details, contact us directly.

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