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Automated Recruitment– Not On Your Nelly Sunshine!

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Automated Recruitment– Not On Your Nelly Sunshine!

Automated Recruitment– Not On Your Nelly Sunshine!

So, my blog is in direct relation to a post I responded to recently on the web. An Online Recruitment Expert claimed in his post that the end of the traditional Recruitment Agency is nigh and rise of the automated Recruiter is upon us.

Of course I felt compelled to reply, instantly!

He (shall remain nameless) states, with a flick of a switch (and the use of complicated algorithms/ logarithms) – machines will replace humans in the search, selection and headhunting arena.

What a load of old tripe! James Cameron could not have written a better storyline – wait, he already did!!!

Over my 19-year Recruitment career, I’ve been involved in every aspect (good, bad & ugly) of the recruitment process. There isn’t a computer in the world that could mop up a tear, jump up in excitement or pull out the last few remaining hairs on my head – all the emotions we Recruiters experience, usually on a daily basis and usually before lunch.

Don’t get me wrong – Technology has made the whole process a billion times easier – well, let me rephrase that – Technology has made communication a billion times easier – Recruitment to me, will always be matching the right person to the right job at the right time.

I still remember sifting through archived files of paper Resumes, manually formatting them using a typewriter and hand delivering profiles to client because the fax machine kept jamming. We met almost every candidate – there was no email or internet, and you were lucky to have any sort of database. Sales involved going through the local telephone directory and chasing hot leads by going through the classifieds in the local newspaper.

Some of you may read this and think recruitment used to be primitive, almost prehistoric – and you’d be correct. It’s these experiences that teach you the principals of Recruitment, those years slogging through your evenings and weekends to fill ‘that’ job.

So, my point is – like so many failed ‘dating websites’ that claim to match the perfect couples, automated systems that match up people simply don’t work. Ask yourself, why do we not have automated Referees, Umpires or Adjudicators in Sport – I am sure it’s possible to program a computer the laws of any game, so why don’t we use them – Simple, People want to, and enjoy interacting with People – we gauge so much in each other’s tone of voice, body language and emotion – we are social creatures, spoilt by technology.

In a world dominated by social media and faceless communication, every once in a while, it’s nice to have that phone conversation or face-to-face meet – it makes us feel alive, and that’s certainly something a computer isn’t.

So Mr. Automation, I am sorry – I don’t agree with your statements forecasting our imminent recruitment doom – when careers, lives and households are at stake, I want to hear a friendly, informed, professional voice – rather like my own !!

Jason Hitchen; Business Development Manager

Houston TX Oil and Gas Recruiter In our Offices The Woodlands TX Oil and Gas Recruiters


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