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Through Our Eyes: Oil and Gas Awards Summit

Houston TX Oil and Gas Recruiter In the Industry The Woodlands TX Oil and Gas Recruiters

Through Our Eyes: Oil and Gas Awards Summit

Through Our Eyes: Oil and Gas Awards Summit

As previously announced, The Global Edge recently captured the Recruitment Agency of the Year award at the Oil and Gas Awards for the second straight year. We sent our team members to the Summit during the day of the awards and asked them to write about their experiences. Check out their perspectives on the day’s events!

BreAunna Estes, Recruitment Specialist

As dawn approached a little earlier than normal, recruiters at The Global Edge Consultants thought that March 19th was going to be just a normal day. Little did they know that in a blink of an eye, they would be awarded for the Bullhorn Recruitment Agency of the Year at the Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Awards for the second year in a row.

This astonishing day started when three Account Managers and two Recruiters drove to Downtown Houston to attend the Oil & Gas Summit at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

As the room filled up and the coffee was gone, the event packed day began. Marc Bridgen, Chief Marketing Officer of Oil & Gas Awards kicked off the day with his enthusiastic stories. Following Marc was David Porter, Railroad Commissioner of Texas, to give insight on what the Commissioners’ plan and vision is for Texas and its upcoming year. As the morning continued, a panel interview was held between Chris Faulkner, Paul Gutermann, Eddie Lewis, and Michael Callegari to clarify and make aware of the Federal overreach, change of definition for water, Clean Air Act, EPA, US Fish & Wildlife capitulations to lawsuits by environmental organizations, and intersection between federal and state regulators. The panel interview ended and many raised hands followed with questions and curious minds.

Coffee and networking was held between sessions. People gathered around each other to get new business cards and spread the word of their glorious companies. Panel two interview took place after networking and coffee. This panel covered the topic, Minimizing Environmental Impact through Innovative Water Management, Well Site Construction and Logistics. Lunch and networking approached after the second panel interview.

After lunch, three key speakers spoke about 21st Century Energy, HSE Spotlight, HSE Risk Mitigation, and Planning and Understanding the success of a CSR Initiative. Following the speakers the third panel interview was conducted. The third panel interview’s topic was Health & Safety. This topic opened the eyes of the companies there and made them realize how safety in the workplace is very important.

As the summit was near the end, the host speaker closed with showing the finalists for each category of awards. The anticipation grew for us as we knew an exciting night was ahead!

Zak Christopher, Business Development/Recruiting Coordinator

On March 19, I attended the Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Summit. The Summit, of course, was an exceptional prelude to the highly anticipated Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Awards Show later that night. My co-workers and myself arrived at the Hyatt in downtown Houston rather early in the morning in anticipation of getting a good table for the conference. When we got there we were pleasantly surprised to find that we could snag the closest table to the speakers! After settling in with some coffee and a generous gift bag from the Summit, the learning began. Over the course of the next few hours, we learned a great deal about Health, Safety, and Environment. It was pretty interesting to learn about how much regulation is involved in the process of running something in the Energy Business. This topic lead us on to what I thought was the most important discussion of the day, how will Oil & Gas companies cope with the negative media and local sensationalism of anti-drilling rallies in the near future?

The most impactful speech given that day came from Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Energy Corporation. His topic was about fracing in the United States and the direction it is headed. He shared how much fracing has improved from the past and showed us where expansion is possible. However, he also pointed out a glaring weakness in the industry that has the potential to seriously damage our opportunity, and that is O&G’s lack of care for positive promotion. To put it simply, Oil & Gas doesn’t care about its image, to an extent. This persona and lack of awareness on a national, but more importantly, local level, leaves the Industry in a cloud of negativity built by those opposed. Chris shared with us how the first ban of fracing in a small town in Texas happened. He gave us the details about how locally, there were protestors and out of state people sharing their beliefs on the harmful impact on the environment. O&G’s lack of local presence to explain environmentally what would happen, how it would affect the comm

unity positively, and answering questions the citizens may have had, ultimately cost them the job. While that is just a small example in a small town of something that happened, it’s important to understand the issue at hand. Paraphrasing Chris towards the end of his talk, “the bottom line is, we don’t care enough. There’s too much focus on national marketing and not enough on digging in with the people at home. It’s about trusting the person next to you and if we do not begin to have a local presence in the O&G drilling community, we will continue to see bans like this happen across the United States.” I thought this was a very interesting discussion and really showed me that while Oil companies do care about the environmental impact they have on this world, it is our job to figure out a better way of SHOWING we care.

There were many interesting talks and panel discussion throughout the day. As I mentioned, most of them were tailored towards HSE and the impact O&G has in the world today. The Summit concluded with a nice networking happy hour where everyone was able to make some great new connections. As I departed for the night to head back to The Woodlands, I wished my group of co-workers luck at the award ceremony that night and went on my way. It was a great experience and it challenged my thoughts and ideas on the Industry and left some good opportunities to make a positive impact.

Through Our Eyes: Oil and Gas Awards Summit

Houston TX Oil and Gas Recruiter In the Industry The Woodlands TX Oil and Gas Recruiters


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