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Global Edge Celebrates 2022 with Employee Awards Ceremony

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Global Edge Celebrates 2022 with Employee Awards Ceremony

The Global Edge Awards is a highly anticipated event for the Global Edge Consultants team as it serves as a platform to acknowledge its employees' hard work and achievements. The event was an opportunity for the team to recognize the previous year's achievements and motivate themselves for the upcoming year.

CEO Kathy Eberwein honored employees who reached milestones, including 10-year anniversaries for Angie Perez, Darren Smith, Mallory Colella, Julie Kennedy, and Kirsten Thomson and 5-year anniversaries for Jason Hitchen, Kara Keenan, Calum Kirkland, and Brian Howell.

The award categories were carefully crafted to recognize the contributions of employees from different areas of the business. The Green Award for Support Team was given to Nicole Watkins for her exceptional work as a Recruitment Coordinator, while the Award of Excellence went to Seth Baker for his role as an IT Administrator. Abdool Azis, Country Manager, received the Award of Innovation for his creative and innovative approach to his work.

Monica Lopez, Contracts Manager, was awarded the Cornerstone Award for her unwavering commitment to the company's core values. Rima Dempsay, Global Finance & Compliance, was recognized with the Global Impact Award for her contributions to the company's global charitable initiatives. Amanda Hutchinson, Contractor Care Manager, was honored with the Outstanding Service Award and the Global Edge Ambassador Award for her exceptional customer service and commitment to the company.

Stephanie Taylor, Digital Marketing Manager, was awarded the Global Edge Fun Award for bringing fun and joy to the workplace, while Katie Collins, Accounting Administrator, received the Director's Choice Award for her dedication and hard work. Nicholas Reeves, Account Manager/Recruitment Specialist, was named Performer of the Year for his exceptional performance in his role.

Alexzandria Rogers, Recruitment Specialist, received the Green Award for Delivery Team and was named Recruiter of the Year for her exceptional recruitment skills. Tristin Lawson, Account Manager/Recruitment Specialist, was awarded the Account Manager of the Year and Top Gun Award for her outstanding performance as an account manager. Bryan Harlee, Business Development Associate, was recognized as Business Development of the Year for his contributions to the company's growth.

The awards ceremony was a testament to the Global Edge Consultants' commitment to recognizing and rewarding their employees' hard work and achievements. The evening ended on a high note with the announcement of the 2022 Delivery Team trip winner, Tristin Lawson, who will have the opportunity to celebrate her success in the beautiful Turks and Caicos. The Global Edge Awards was a memorable evening for all who attended and will continue to be a highly anticipated event for years to come.

#Recruitment #BestEnergyWorkplaces #GlobalEdge #GlobalEdgeConsultants #TheGlobalEdge #GlobalEdgeAwards


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