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Global Edge Gives Back: Right2Thrive

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Global Edge Gives Back: Right2Thrive

Global Edge Gives Back: Right2Thrive

Right2Thrive is an organization that establishes locally based programs to improve living conditions in poverty and establish self-sustaining communities. Right2Thrive flourishes off the belief that education and everyday skill training are keys to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. They work as partner to that said community to build programs that help locals learn, develop, and strive off their new skills.

The programs provide the residents of the community with skills to develop new businesses, develop leadership skills, and help the residents increase the likelihood of financial means to send their family to school and improve their overall health and living. This year, The Global Edge worked with Right2Thrive in Kenya. Kenya is an extremely poverty stricken country where most of the families are not able to provide, so most children sadly end up in an orphanage. Not because the family no longer desires them, but because the family simply does not have the means to support them. This is why Right2Thrive in Kenya has decided to launch programs to keep these families, and future families, together.

The ladies in Kenya produced purses out of recycled supplies such as the local newspaper, magazines, etc. The Global Edge distributed the purses, along with a small presentation about Right2Thrive, at our 2016 Holiday Party and they were a great hit! We were also able to raise an additional donation for Right2Thrive. This donation abled the organization to add three new students to their Education Scholarship Program.

Pictured below is Shailla. Shailla is 8 years old and lives with her Aunt who has newborn twin boys. This is Shailla’s first time enrolled in school and she is so excited! We at the Global Edge are just as excited for her and can’t wait to see what she does!


If you would like to read more about Right2Thrive, or make a donation, please visit the link below:

Nicole Goodson, Payroll and Invoicing Administrator

Education Houston TX Oil and Gas Recruiter In our Offices Nonprofit right2thrive The Woodlands TX Oil and Gas Recruiters


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