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At The Global Edge, we truly value and treat those we work with as if they were a part of our family.  While we frequently highlight the success of those that we work with, we are excited to bring a new group into the spotlight.  The Global Edge NextGen series will allow us the opportunity to feature and celebrate the achievements of our clients’ and contractors’ children!

2017 was a busy year as we welcomed several new Global Edge NextGen babies into our family!

Emma Martin, born in June

Lyla Kennedy, born in August

Robert “Bobby” Harrell, born in November


We are thrilled to watch as our Global Edge family continues to grow. A huge congratulations to the Martin, Kennedy, and Harrell families and a very warm welcome to their new additions. We look forward to seeing the great things these children will accomplish in the years to come!

Global Edge NextGen Global Edge NextGen Global Edge NextGen

If you have anyone you would like featured in our Global Edge NextGen campaign, please reach out to

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