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Global Edge to Partner with Doyenne Initiative for Fundraising Campaign

Global Edge to Partner with Doyenne Initiative for Fundraising Campaign

Global Edge to Partner with Doyenne Initiative for Fundraising Campaign

The Global Edge Consultants is proud to announce our partnership with the Doyenne Initiative. This nonprofit organization aims to positively impact women globally and help them become experts in their fields.


           The Doyenne Initiative recognizes the gap in women being experienced technical experts in their fields; because of this lack, it identifies women internationally who are eligible for graduate-level education and provides them with fellowships and mentorships. Through this program, women selected to be representatives receive benefits like complete tuition and living expenses, internships, mentor matching, and give-back opportunities.


           One of the goals of this initiative is to cultivate role models for young women and send them back to lead their communities. Doyenne fellows get to choose whether they want to pursue their Master’s or Doctorate – both having different give-back tracks. The Master’s degree is labeled as an industry track, consisting of returning to work in the mastered industry in their home country, mentoring young women and men, and becoming an industry liaison for the initiative. The Doctorate degree is labeled as an academia track, consisting of returning to their home country to teach at a local university and mentoring graduate students.


           With this current fundraising campaign, all funds donated are directed to support the Doyenne Reliability Engineering Program (DREP) Inaugural Class. This fellowship is for Mozambican women with bachelor’s degrees in Engineering and is being administered by the University of Maryland. The current class includes three exemplary women – Cilla, Tania, and Ketsiya. These women were vetted and prepared to enter the program and are on track to complete the DREP by 2023. In an interview with Cilla, she shares her excitement about being a participant in the program.


“There is no other place I would rather be than here. A fellowship like this is a life-changing opportunity that demonstrates how we can multiply female leaders and amplify their voices to inspire future generations!”


               One of the core values at the Global Edge is social responsibility – which falls directly in line with Doyenne Initiative’s mission to develop role models who can influence their communities, families, and countries.


               To join the Global Edge Consultants in their mission to invoke a significant change in global opportunities for women, visit to donate and share our initiative. 


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