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How to Job Search During a Pandemic

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How to Job Search During a Pandemic

How to Job Search During a Pandemic

Coronavirus has caused uncertainty in various aspects of life, and job security is no exception. Whether you were planning to reassess your career this year, or if your employment has become unstable because of the pandemic, it may seem like an uncertain time to find a new job.

However, your job search does not need to be halted, as job consultant companies are still hiring, for both contracted and permanent positions. The Global Edge, a global recruitment firm, currently has open positions that are updated daily that need to be filled.

Searching for New Employment Opportunities?

It is obvious that some companies have been more adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic than others. Some companies may not be actively advertising new job listings because they have been forced to close their doors or severely decrease their staff numbers.

In these cases, new job opportunities may be halted altogether. You could use this as an opportunity to adjust your employment goals and diversify your portfolio by pursuing options that are currently available in other complementary fields.

Luckily, The Global Edge, a contract jobs agency, is diversified in a variety of sectors, which allows the staff to provide people with new employment opportunities often. Whether you are looking for a new job, or wanting to pivot in a new direction, you can contact one of our dedicated recruiters or visit our job board for current available positions.

Getting Hired Is Still Possible

Other companies are still hiring despite the current climate and are looking for innovative individuals to join their team. Finding these positions may seem daunting, but very possible if you are using the right tools to make it happen. Networking, using a contract jobs agency, and taking advantage of platforms such as LinkedIn are great ways to find jobs you may be interested in.

How to Search for a Job During a Pandemic

1.    Networking

Social distancing should not stop people from connecting with others and networking in various fields. Resources such as Zoom, Facetime, and Google Meet gives people opportunities to set up virtual coffee chats and other video-conference meetings from the comfort of their own home. Other platforms, such as Eventbrite, even offer online networking events and job fairs you can attend and engage with others.

2.    Use an International Employment Agency

International employment agencies and job consultants are put in place to help employers and candidates connect. By touching base with a dedicated recruiter, like a member of The Global Edge team, he or she would let you know if your experience matches with any position that is needed to currently be filled. If there is no available position for you, they will put your information in their database and contact you immediately if a position becomes available.

3.    LinkedIn Networking

Resources like LinkedIn give job seekers a great opportunity to connect with people who may be able to provide insight or opportunities that you might be interested in. Start by looking at your first and second connections on LinkedIn and prioritizing those who currently work or previously worked in the field, industry, or for a company that interests you. Message these individuals, ask them for any advice or schedule a virtual coffee chat to catch up and talk.

Using Available Resources

During these uncertain times you can still broaden your job search and land the position you have been eyeing. By using a dedicated recruiting firm, using helpful resources such as LinkedIn, and putting yourself out there and networking, you can be certain to gain more knowledge, meet new contacts, and hopefully land a desired position.

If you want to connect with a Global Edge recruiter or look at current positions, please click here.

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