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Meet The Global Edge Fab Five!

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Meet The Global Edge Fab Five!

Meet The Global Edge Fab Five!

Picture it now: backdrop, 1960’s black and white TV in the background and the immortal voice of Ed Sullivan as he is introducing a little known group soon to become a worldwide sensation. “We have a really big show tonight. Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles!

Well, in my best Ed Sullivan impersonation let me introduce our own British Invasion. “All the way from the U.K.….Ladies and Gentleman, the 'Fab Five!'”

Meet The Global Edge Fab Five!

Now, if only I could embed a recording of The Beatles “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” just as you read my intro! So without further ado, let me introduce you to the story and the team* of The Global Edge Consultants, U.K.

In January of 2013, The Global Edge opened its doors in the U.K. ready to conquer Europe as we had done in Asia! However, conquest of any kind is never easy. In the U.K., where the market is one of the most difficult to break into, there were struggles and hurdles of all kinds to overcome.

Through all of this, there has always been a constant, the young posh Englishman with a heart of gold but a “failure is not an option” attitude, our Ringo Starr, who just keeps drumming no matter what is going on…Alex Purvis!

Though Alex is only a few years into the Oil/Gas staffing industry, he has grown up in the Oil/Gas industry living both in the U.S. and abroad. Alex has begun to hone his skills in Account Management, racking up victories at an impressive rate. That is, when he is not trying to match wits with vastly superior opposition!

But, every great group or team needs a strong manager with industry experience and a vision! Enter John O’Neill or the “Brian Epstein” (The Beatles manager) of the team. This greying father of three who also doubles as rabid Celtic Football (soccer) fan is a leader in Technical Recruitment world with specialties in EPC and Drilling. John joined the Global Edge in November of 2013 and put together what we at the Global Edge call the “Fab Five.”

As John Lennon and Paul McCartney were both collaborators and competitors in the group, so are Alan Marshall (Lennon) and Steven “Stevie” Kane (McCartney). Alan, who is a father of 2 and a devout Rangers Football (soccer) fan, came to the Global Edge with 7 years of recruitment experience and in the past few years has focused on Drilling, Marine, Subsea and EPC markets. Stevie also came to the Global Edge with 7 years’ recruitment experience in Construction, Oil & Gas and Engineering after a career in the construction industry as a “joiner.” Alan and Stevie have a history of competing against each other while with other companies, and in 2014 came to the Global Edge to work together for the first time. They have brought that competitive spirt with them and continue to try to outdo the other in recruiting and business development.

Now, every team needs their wildcard George Harrison type, and the U.K. Team has that in Maciej Siembiga. Maciej’s recruiting background includes both IT and Financial, but his focus in the Oil & Gas market. Drilling and subsea is where he has made his name, especially in the difficult to fill roles leaving no stone unturned. When Maciej is not playing Sherlock Holmes, he is either dancing it up with a bit of a salsa flair or showing off his Brazilian Martial Arts moves to the office.

Who keeps all of this talent and feistiness in check and supports this bunch, you may ask? Well that job goes to incredible Kirsten Thomson, who wears a number of hats and apparently has a penchant for “dodgy parties.” I haven’t included her in the Fab Five for three reasons! Firstly, it would be odd to have six people in a team called the Fab Five, secondly, those of us in the Houston, TX office claim her as our own as she travels to the U.S. regularly, and lastly and most important, she is beyond fab and flat out awesome!

From our company’s humble beginnings of a two man office in London, England in January of 2013, the Global Edge has rapidly begun to penetrate the U.K. and Middle Eastern markets and in February of 2014, we opened our second U.K. office in Glasgow, Scotland. This expansion has allowed the Global Edge to not only service our clients in Scotland, it has put a stamp on the our U.K. brand and allowed us to add many more new clients as well as team up and support The Global Edge South African and Asian teams. The plan forward is to continue to capture a share of the Upstream Market including Exploration, Drilling, EPC and Oilfield Services.

The Global Edge “Fab Five” have done an amazing job in a short time, but wait until you see their next hit! It’s bound to make us all “Twist and Shout!"

*From left to right: Alex, Maciej, Kirsten, John, Stevie, and Alan

Humberto Ramirez
Senior Technical Recruiter
The Global Edge Consultants

Global Edge Consultants Houston TX Oil and Gas Recruiter In our Offices The Woodlands TX Oil and Gas Recruiters UK Oil and Gas Recruiters


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