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Operation Backpack 2019

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Operation Backpack 2019

Operation Backpack 2019

We are excited to announce that Global Edge will be supporting and participating in Operation Backpack again this year through the YMCA!  

One of the core values at Global Edge is social responsibility. Since charitable giving is a strong focus in our company, we have made it a goal to participate in charitable programs that are significant to members of the Global Edge Consultants team and our community. We are excited to help make a difference by aiding children to receive the necessary school supplies to start their school year off right!

Operation Backpack is a back-to-school campaign that helps children receive adequate school supplies so they can start school with the tools they need to be successful. This year the YMCA has a goal to impact over 120,000 children in the Greater Houston Area.

To help with this initiative, simply donate a new backpack or school supplies to your local YMCA, at our Global Edge Houston office, or one of the many drop-off locations in the Greater Houston area from now until August 9, 2019. 

If you don’t have the time to purchase or drop off school supplies, you could consider donating online where all proceeds will go to purchasing of adequate school supplies for children. You can find that link at:

Join us as #GlobalEdgeGivesBack by participating in Operation Backpack from now until August 9. Help make a positive impact on a child’s life while they start their new school year! 

For more information on Operating Backpack with the YMCA please visit their website:

Uncategorized #GlobalEdge #GlobalEdgeConsultants #GlobalEdgeGivesBack #Philanthropy #Charity #OperationBackpack #YMCAOperationBackpack #YMCA


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