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Solar Giraffe: the first self sustained solar station improving lives in Mozambique

#solargiraffe #sustainableenergy #energy #comunity

Solar Giraffe: the first self sustained solar station improving lives in Mozambique

Solar Giraffe: the first self sustained solar station improving lives in Mozambique

There is no shortage of information about clean energy on today’s global information superhighway. As one of the most powerful forces for environmental conservation and combating climate change, the clean energy revolution is in full swing. According to the, for the very first time, more renewable energy sources were installed globally in 2016 than those extracting fossil fuels from the Earth.

In honour of the Environmental month celebrations, which are surrounded by more debates about sustainability and eco-friendly solutions which not only make life easier specially in countries still underdevelopment like Mozambique but, also preserve and protect the environment contributing for the fight against climate change, we present you the Girafa Solar project.

The Girafa Solar or Solar Giraffe in English, is a Solar Powered community station where the residents gathers to listen to music, information, debate the issues of the district and the country while charging their cell phones using sustainable sources of energy.

Promoted by the Carlos Morgado Foundation in partnership with the Nykani Mavoko Association, the project was financed by the Irish Embassy in Mozambique and has the support of Logos Indústrias, in the solar technology sector, Vodacom, in the mobile technology sector, and Mozambique Women for Energy (MWE), in the part of community engagement.

After several months of interregnum due to the difficult year cause by the pandemic, Girafa Solar was finally installed in Mangunze, Gaza province in December 2020 and was received with delight and excitement by the residents of the locality in the district of Chongoene.  Speaking moments after the inauguration, the District Administrator, Carlos Buchili, said:

"It is a project that will have a very big impact, considering that this town in Mangunze, we do not have energy from the national grid, and one of the alternatives that the Government uses are the solar panels. This project brings clean energy, renewable energy and now our population has the possibility to charge phones, listen to the radio and, it is a space for social exchange of ideas".

The project's promoter, the Carlos Morgado Foundation, represented by Ruben Morgado, revealed that this is an initiative that had been developed for a long time, and that it was only possible with funding from the Irish Embassy, ​​represented at the ceremony by Ambassador Nuala O 'Brien, worth 400 000 meticais.

Ruben Morgado, stated that at Girafa Solar, only cell phones should be charged, and appealed to the population of Mangunze to maintain and preserve the equipment. The population of Mangunze, which is the main beneficiary of the Girafa Solar project, was quite satisfied with the initiative, and thanked the funders and the priest of the local church who has done a lot for the development of that community.

The Giraffa solar, is one of the many sustainable projects in the renewable energies industry being installed in Mozambique, these, not only bring hope to solving the electricity crisis faced by many families in the country specially in the rural areas but, also shines light into promoting actions that help fight climate change and minimize the consumption of the few remaining natural resources the earth still has.

#solargiraffe #sustainableenergy #energy #comunity


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