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Taking on the 'Black Gold' rush in Texas

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Taking on the 'Black Gold' rush in Texas

Taking on the 'Black Gold' rush in Texas

Similar to the California Gold Rush of the 1800’s, there is another rush currently happening in Texas.

Instead of searching for golden, shiny, rocks now, this rush is about finding the best area to explore the land in hopes of finding ‘black gold’.

One of the biggest areas companies are looking for shale gas is the town of Midland/Odessa. With a population of approximately 150,000, Midland has seen a significant rise in population with so many Oil & Gas companies moving out that way.

Taking on the ‘Black Gold’ rush in Texas

Considered the biggest economic growth in the United States in the past three years, Midland/Odessa’s scenery has changed and the amount of chain hotels and large apartment complexes that continue to get constructed is incredible.  This rise in population has created some real positives in parts of the economic system.  Local restaurants and businesses have seen a huge boost to sales, which some residents have enjoyed.  However, other areas, like apartment rent and hotel prices have seen a negative impact, as there has been a significant rise in price.

Also, the traffic is increasing, one of the bigger issues most native Midland residents are opposed to.  The question has been asked if Midland can continue to support the continual rise in people heading out this way, and the answer is they don’t have a choice.  Whether this area likes it or not, people will come out for work this way and they will continue to see a boost in population.

With this race for oil in Midland, how has this affected The Global Edge Consultants?  Well as of September 2014, TGEC have decided to join others in the opportunity that is available in West Texas!

About a month ago, Managing Director Kathy Eberwein, along with Recruiting Specialists Robert Ochoa and Zachary Christopher, set off for TGEC first adventure in Midland!  The results were interesting as the gang attempted to figure out the lay of the land in a few short days.  After a few meetings and some appetizers with local engineers, the group returned home successful and feeling accomplished as the beginning of the Midland experience wrapped up.

Since then, Zak has gone back one more time with Drilling Business Developer John O’Neill and are happy to announce that a few new clients have happened as a result!  Zak and Bobby will continue to go back to Midland about once a month and act as TGEC liaison to local engineers and companies.

The outlook on business out there looks bright and the group looks to make a big impact on  companies in that region by finding them quality staff to help grow the new ‘Gold Rush’ in Texas.

Houston TX Oil and Gas Recruiter In our Offices The Woodlands TX Oil and Gas Recruiters


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