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Tips on how to upgrade your CV

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Tips on how to upgrade your CV

Tips on how to upgrade your CV

No matter how long it's been since you last updated your CV, it can be hard at first when you desire to upgrade and improve the layout in order to create an attractive first impression.

Here at Global Edge we receive hundreds of CV's on a daily so, we know the challanges most candidates are facing in order to organize the resume, in such format that their skills are well presented and highlighted.

If you’re thinking of updating your CV there are simple yet powerful tools you can use:

1. LINKEDIN profile

Nowadays, it is so important for any professional to have an active presence on LinkedIn. Here you are able to share your career journey and employers are able to scout you. When you’re not actively looking for a job, you’re unlikely to open your CV and update it each time you have success in work. However, you’re a lot more likely to add updates to your LinkedIn profile in real time to keep records of your professional growth.

When you are searching for a job you will start identifying changes to be made on your LinkedIn profile to make it more attractive. Make sure that these updates are also present on your CV. A great habit is to update your CV every year, whenever you are allocated new functions or go through a promotion.

2. Job title

In terms of boosting the chances of recruiters reviewing your resume and reaching out to you for a first interview, use the same words in your resume that are used in the job descriptions. If you’re in Marketing and a company refers to the position using the phrase “Digital Communication,” then by all means replace “Marketing” with “Digital Communication” on your resume.


The big impact comes right on the first page. You want your CV to be attractive, reable and clean making it easy to digest. Some good design ideas can be found at:


Resume Coach

However, there are some mistakes we realize most people do:

  • Adding the objective - Instead, if you like, you can insert an executive summary at the top of your resume that says who you are and what you’re looking for. 
  • Using wrong fonts and sizes 
  • Not listing with bullet points
  • Not being straight forward
  • Not adding languages they are proficient at
  • Not adding strong skills 

4. Work experience

We recommend that your start your work experience section with 3 to 4 most recent position, starting by the lastest to the oldest. Make sure when applying to a job position, you include only your experience that is relevant to that role. For instance:

If you were a bartender at first, then a graphic designer while you studying law and you are now applying for a entry level position in a law firm. Make sure that you only state the law intership you did after completing your degree. This will save recruiters from even considering a different backgroud that does not add value to your current career objectives.

5. Update your education section

On your education section there is no need to include where you did you primary school. Lets be honest that information is irrelevant. 

If you have at least 2 years of working experience make sure to include you educational backgroud starting from University, add additional courses you've done online or certifications you got. By keeping your education up to date, you are showing your commitment to continuous learning and a passion for the industry you work in and the work you do.

6. awards and achievements

Including your highlights are key. If you were part of a competition in your field, or were awarded employee of the year, its great to include on your resume. This could be successful projects you worked on, awards you have won or any impactful problems that you solved.

7. How to select your references

Most companies before hiring you perform a backgroud check to confirm on your skills and capabilities. It is crutial that you select key references that will speak highly of you.

  • If you are entering on your first role after university, select your university tutor that had the best relationship with you.
  • If you are looking for a new job and you have years of experience, select a senior colleague.
  • If you want to keep their identities confidential at first simply write: References on request

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