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Welcoming New Leadership: Global Edge Appoints Carolyn Polito as New VP of Operations


Welcoming New Leadership: Global Edge Appoints Carolyn Polito as New VP of Operations

Welcoming New Leadership: Global Edge Appoints Carolyn Polito as New VP of Operations

The Global Edge is thrilled to announce that we have Carolyn Polito joining our executive team as Vice President of Operations.

The Global Edge is an award-winning recruitment firm staffing energy projects worldwide with the industry’s most talent project professionals. With a recent fast paced growth in all arenas, The Global Edge wants to take its efforts to the next level while continuing to bring the highest level of delivery for our clients.

It is our goal to be the agency of choice and we are passionate about our people. Our purpose and our pursuit is to be the global leader in recruitment. By bringing Carolyn to our team, we believe that we can not only better reach that goal but surpass it.

Having started the beginning of August, Carolyn has already made a positive impact on our company. With over 20 years in the oil and gas staffing industry, Carolyn has been able to provide deeper insights and instill invaluable methods to our business to ensure that we can continue to provide the best services to all our clients.

Carolyn was born and raised in South Louisiana and has now been a Texan resident for over 20 years. She has a BBA in Finance and is an executive EMBA candidate at Texas A&M, class of 2021. Her professionalism and work ethic have been nothing short of impressive. Carolyn is skilled at building organizations and recognizing the growth within businesses. With her experience and skills of sculpting structures around organization and guiding companies to the next chapter is exactly why Global Edge is ecstatic to have her join our team.

Not only is Carolyn extremely experienced and knowledgeable but is a great leader who encourages collaboration and communication in the workplace. She explained this well by saying, “I am a support person. I am here to make every person here successful, grow the business, and tell the next story of The Global Edge.”

Although we have also specialized in other industries, oil and gas has been our primary focus as a business. Carolyn recognizes that our team can better maximize the opportunities of diversification while continuing to provide excellent service and has plans to implement that diversification over the next few years.  “I am very excited about the opportunity to really transform Global Edge from the great business it is today to an even better organization.”

Our CEO, Kathy Eberwein, expressed her enthusiasm of Carolyn joining the Global Edge team by saying, “I am thrilled to have Carolyn join the Global Edge. We have strategically worked on building our Dream Team here at The Global Edge and Carolyn will undoubtedly be an invaluable new addition to that group. Her industry knowledge and exceptional leadership capabilities are going to help catapult our organization into an exciting new phase where the possibilities for our team will be limitless. “

We are confident that Carolyn will do just that, and we are excited to see the positive transformation The Global Edge will have with her on our team.



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